How can you help young professionals become more aware of their health care?

The Challenge

Welcome to the Health Care Transformation Challenge sponsored by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Imagine you are a consultant hired by Horizon BCBSNJ to develop a health care management product, service, or business concept that helps our members take a more active role in their behavioral health and wellness.

Your idea or solution should address at least one of the following focus areas:

  1. Advocacy - overcoming stigmas and increasing willingness to seek mental health support.
  2. Access - helping members find and use timely, quality care.
  3. Care Management - enabling adherence to clinical plans, medication prescriptions, etc.
  4. Treatment - how to improve mental health and wellness.
  5. Prevention - identify ways to alleviate social determinants of health (availability to resources, access to education, social support).

You can use any media or channels. Prototypes are not required.

Case Study Guideline

  1. What is the name of your solution and its overall mission?
  2. What problem is this solution solving? (Please research the problem to illustrate how it is important to mental health)
  3. How would the solution be used? What does it look like?
  4. How would you market this solution? Target Audience? (Marketing plan – search, display, social, email, etc.)
  5. Develop an overall engagement lifecycle. (How would you make sure patients wanted to use – and keep using - this solution?)
  6. Who would pay for your solution? What is the investment and how would you break-even?
  7. What role could an insurance company/hospital play in making your solution successful?
  8. What are some measurable results the solution will achieve?

Tips to Get Started


For the first round, you will be asked to submit an application that includes:

  1. A one-page description of your idea and why it’s relevant (.pdf).
  2. Up to five slides to support and/or visualize your idea (.pdf).

Once you have both components ready, you can submit your application

  • 1st Place: $5,000
  • 2nd Place: $3,000
  • 3rd Place: $2,000


Online Applications & Submissions

September 3, 2019 - October 13, 2019

Submissions Review & Judging

October 14, 2019 - October 25, 2019

Finalists Announced

October 28, 2019

Final Presentations (In-Person)

November 22, 2019
  1. Each submission must be made by a team of two to four eligible students. Each individual student is considered an “Entrant.”
  2. Entrants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years of age and be actively enrolled in a university or college in the State of New Jersey with a minimum of 9 credits, pursuing an Associate, Bachelor’s degree, or career-specific degree offered to qualified high school graduates.
  3. Submissions must be in English.
  4. Each Entrant must submit a copy of their student ID, unofficial transcript and the submission form filled out completely. Please include the number of people in each group with their first and last names.
  5. Winners from previous year’s Health Care Transformation Challenge are not eligible to participate in the 2019 Challenge.
  6. If a team’s submission is chosen as a finalist, each Entrant must be able to attend the in-person presentation on
    November 22, 2019 at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Headquarters in Newark, New Jersey.

Accepting Applications & Submissions: September 3- October 13

The website will accept student submissions during this period

Judging: October 14 - 25

A group of internal judges will review submissions and select finalists. A maximum of 10 finalists will present their submissions in person.

Finalists Announced: October 28

Finalists will be notified via email that they've been chosen to present on competition day. This email will include all relevant information about presentation day.

Final Presentations: November 22

All finalist teams will present their work to a panel of judges at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's headquarters in Newark, New Jersey.

Scoring & Judging

Teams will be evaluated on a 100-point scale and judged on the following criteria:

  1. Understanding of Topic and Prompt (30 Points)
  2. Creativity and Originality of Content (25 Points)
  3. Quality, Feasibility and Sustainability (25 Points)
  4. Organization of Material and Overall Presentation (20 Points)

An internal team of Horizon BCBSNJ employees will review all applications and determine the finalists. There will be a panel of both internal and external judges for the finalist round on November 22nd.

About Horizon BCBSNJ

Horizon BCBSNJ is the leading health insurer in New Jersey, trusted by generations of families and businesses. We are dedicated to enriching the lives and health of our members and the New Jersey communities we serve. Our vision is to continue to lead the transformation of health care in New Jersey by closely collaborating with hospitals and physicians. Improving quality and enhancing patient experience and lowering the total cost of care. Founded during the Great Depression, our Company was the first multi-hospital service plan to begin providing prepaid hospital coverage. We have been a New Jersey-based company ever since, providing health coverage to generations of families and businesses.

For more than eight decades, we have worked to ensure that the changing health care needs of our customers have been met with innovative and effective solutions. Providing security, peace of mind, and affordable quality health insurance has always been and remains today our top priority.

Contact Us

Students, school administrators, faculty members, and press/media professionals are welcome to contact our Health Care Transformation Challenge (HCTC) organizing team at

2019 Results

2019 Results

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey hosted its third annual Health Care Transformation Challenge. Student teams submitted innovative ideas related to helping their peers achieve their best emotional, mental and physical health. Finalist teams from New Jersey schools came to Horizon BCBSNJ’s headquarters to pitch their solutions to a panel of industry leaders in the fields of Pharmacy, Marketing and Product Development, Behavioral Health and Technology.

2019 Winners

Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to all of the teams for your submissions!

2018 Results

2018 Results

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey hosted its second annual Health Care Transformation Challenge. Student teams submitted innovative ideas aimed to improve how their peers take an active role in their health care. 6 finalist teams from 4 New Jersey schools came to Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s headquarters to pitch their solutions to a panel of marketing and technology judges.

2018 Winners

2018 Additional Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to all of the teams for your submissions!